image of the cover of Literary Bioethics, which on the top 2/3 shows an artwork by Susan Janow, an image of a netlike fabric with grey, white, and gold squares on a black background

Literary Bioethics

NYU Press, 2020

image of the book cover of Bodies of Modernism, which shows Picasso’s painting, the Old Guitarist, in the center over a background of a navy blue vertical rectangle on the right and a narrower, medium blue vertical rectangle on the left

Bodies of Modernism

University of Michigan Press, 2017

 image of the book cover of Modernism, Feminism, and Jewishness, whose title is overlaid on the bottom half of a reproduction of a painting by Simon Segal, a French Jewish modernist painter who was friends with Jean Rhys. The painting is in a cubist style, depicting a young light-skinned woman facing forward with her nose a black shadow and her eyes at different heights on her face.

Modernism, Feminism, and Jewishness

Cambridge University Press, 2007

Edited Collections

image of the cover of Modernist Women Writers featuring a modernist painting of a woman reading a book

Cambridge Companion to Modernist Women Writers

Cambridge, 2010

image of the cover of Virginia Woolf: An MFS Reader, featuring a light blue background and white title text

Virginia Woolf: An MFS Reader

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009



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Winner of the Tyler Riggs Prize for best literary article published in DSQ in 2013

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Guest-Edited Special Issues

image of the cover of an issue of MFS featuring Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting titled "Self-Portrait As a Soldier"

Cripping Modernism

Modern Fiction Studies

vol. 65, no. 1

image of the cover of an issue of MFS featuring Santiago Ramón y Cajal Purkinje's illustration titled "Cell of the Human Cerebellum," a line drawing in India ink of a branching network of lines

Modernism's Jews/ Jewish Modernisms

Modern Fiction Studies

vol. 68, no. 4